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Changing the way your Business will grow.

Keeping you connected through Education, Marketing & Advertising, and Networking.

Because as an Entrepreneur "You" matter.

Charlotte Connector was created by and for Entrepreneur's who are the backbone of this great Country.  

Everything begins with an "idea".

We wanted to offer a space for the Entrepreneur to network & connect, receive affordable marketing & advertising opportunities and educational information to help you with your business growth.

Our motto is simple.  We have a "Work Hard....Play Hard" mentality.  It is hard enough to be an Entrepreneur. We all know what it is like to grind 24/7 but did you also know it is equally important to take a break and enjoy life?  

We will teach you and give you opportunities to enjoy your life so that you can become refreshed and be more productive. 

Meet Our Team

We are a collective team that works with the end result in mind.

We believe to be a success in any business venture you must always keep your goals, hopes and visions in site.

Our Skills

With a membership base of over 1.600 strong we are proud to keep you connected with the resourses you need to be a success.
Membership is Over 1.600 Strong100%
Educational Experiences75%
Networking Events80%
Advertising and Marketing95%
Connecting People100%

Why Chose Us?

Connecting Charlotte
Connecting Charlotte and surrounding areas through education, networking, advertising & marketing.
Awesome Customer Support
Providing Educational Experiences
Creative and Supportive People

Meet Our Team

Having a Great Team is the Backbone of a Successful Business.
Denise Peters
Denise PetersFounder & CEOinfo@charlotteconnector.com
Denise considers herself a serial Entrepreneur. She has over 20 years experience in the accounting industry and broke free of the corporate environment in 2007 by creating her own Digital Marketing Company. Recently noting a disconnect in the Entrepreneur industry she was instrumental in developing the Charlotte Connector platform.
Keith Hamilton
Keith HamiltonCreative Directorkeith@keithhamilton.design
Keith is owner of Keith Hamilton Design, and offers brand identity creation, marketing material creation and printing, apparel and uniforms, website design, and digital marketing design, including video production.
Lorie McDonnell
Lorie McDonnellEducational Directorloriemcdonnell@gmail.com
Lorie is a Business Growth Strategist. Have you ever thought seriously about what you want? If time and money were of no concern, what would you be doing? What are you passionate about? What makes you happy? How many people abandon their dreams and settle for a life of mediocrity because they don't believe anything different is possible? I believe that opportunities surround us every day waiting for our recognition. Without awareness of the possibilities for us, we don't see them. I will help you open your eyes to those possibilities.
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